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Wooden deer

Hunting spear - Take a stick that is about up to your nose from the ground. Use a pocket knife and sharpen the smothest end of the stick. Sharpen it so that is really sharp. If a rubber band, adout 20cm (7.9in) long is found, tie it around the spear for extra range and power! Remember, it has to be sharp so it can penatrate into a animal. Fishing spear - Find a stick or bamboo the same size a spear must be, then instead of sharpening the end your slit the end so it has two prongs on the end. Then sharpen both of them and you are all done. You can add any tape or support you need but it works just fine without.

Different spears

Knife - Take a 10 inch long stick and sharpen the end and sides.

Bow and arrow - Find a bendy stick that is up to your shoulders and bend it a little bit both ways. Then tie a string to both ends very very tight. When that is done make an arrow by either using reed or a stick (reed works better.) Make a slit in the back of the reed or stick then shoot away. Regular arrows work the best out of all though.

Traps- Traps are useful in areas with small animal such as rabbits and are used best if staying in one place for a small time.Find a trail. Dig a hole 10cm (3.9in) deep, sharpen about 20 sticks and stick them in the ground, pointy side up. cover with small, fragile sticks and cover in leaves. leave for about 12 hours and check if the leave are untouched. If they are untouched, move trap someplace else.
Fish trap

A fish trap

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