Here are some very important questions that is answered...

1. Where to find water and is it drinkable?

The best places to find water is low ground. This is because when it rains all the water flows to the lowest part of the ground. The water sitting at the low ground may look clean, but it could be infected by animal desieses or anything poisonous like poisonous bugs or plants. It is never safe to drink sitting water. Never say water is clean by it's looks.

2. Is there a place that clean water could be?

Yes, infact the cleanest water is always running water like streams or waterfalls. This is because nothing like frogs or turtles can really get in fast moving water. You could probably drink it fresh without getting sick.

3. Can you somehow make dirty water clean?

Yes, you must always boil water for a very long time to get rid of any toxic or bad stuff. After boiling it, let it cool down, make sure it has no dirt or anything in it that could harm you, otherwise you can drink it.

4. How to find water easily?

An easy way to find water is to find a high point and look to see if there is water near. Another way is to find ice and/or snow and melt it. The water is cleaned at the same time.
Natural Carkeek Park bog, fallen and rotting trees, stagnant water, Seattle, Washington, USA

Stagnant water must be boiled

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