Benefits: Warmth, shelter, protection
Drawbacks: takes long to make
Types: teepees, igloos, caves, hammocks, deserted buildings
Where: everywhere

Shelter is a neccesity. It keeps heat in and predators, wind, rain and snow out. Shelter is found almost everywhere.

Woodland climatesEdit

Woodland climates need special consideration. You need what you can get. If you have netting or a parachute, try to make a hammock. If not in possesion of either, try to find a deserted house and sleep in the rafters or the attic. Do not sleep in caves as bears use them as shelter.

Arctic climatesEdit

If in an arctic climate, try to find some deep snow, dig down into the snow until it is deep enough to lie down in and cover it with twigs from a pine tree. Another way is to dig a deep hole, then cover the hole with snow leaving only a few small holes for air.

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