IMG 5447

front of my woods

My woods is a acre long and a acre and a half wide. You may think that my woods is small, but it is thick with big trees and lots of vines. My woods have been progressing alot since the winter of 2010. Right now there are 2 tipis, 1 giant wooden fort, 2 survival shelters, 2 giant climbing trees, a swinging vine, 5 climbing vines, 1 dirt hill, and lots more. Me and my brother build lots of stuff every year. Most of the stuff gets built in the winter because of the bugs in the summer. We are planning to sleep in one of the shelters nexts year. My brother wants to eat a fried grasshopper. I hope I'm there so I can see him gag. I love to catch snakes as well as frogs and turtles. Snakes, only grab them by their tail or the top of the head while holding his jaw down.

IMG 5452

large wooden fort

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