The following are techniques of building a fire and fire facts..

Teepee fire - The tipi is one of the basics of fire building. First start with two sticks the size of the fire you want to build. Find a spot of wet mud or dirt. Then shove the two sticks in the ground slanted towards eachother. Make them kind of touch at the end. After the two sticks are stable, you then do the same but going across the oposite way that you did it first. When your all done, stack many same sized sticks all around it. Soon after stacking lots of sticks, you should have a small tipi. When you have finished the stacking job, pull out a couple sticks from the side so you can fill the tiny tipi with Kindling. After stuffing you should be done. Put the sticks back up and you have your tipi fire ready to burn.

IMG 5451

Fire setup

- Anything green does not burn well because it is filled with liquids and have lots of moisture

- Reed will light quickly then burn out quickly so have kindling under it so it sets the kindling on fire

- It is more safe if you have rocks or metal around your fire so it does not set the woods on fire

- Fire can give you many good things, they are warmth, clean water, cooked food, a rescue signal from the smoke, and protection from harmful animals and bugs.

- NEVER burn poison ivy! It gives off a poisonous gas into the air

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