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Fox hole under my shed

Animals are a big part of survival. They can give us food, supplies such as blankets from their fur or skin, they also can give us water. Below are different animals that are known best with facts about each you might know or not...

Fox- There are many different kinds such as the Red fox, Grey fox, and the Silver fox. Lately, I saw five Red foxes living underneath my shed. There is a mother, and four babies.Their hole is to the right.


A large tortoise provides lots of meat

There are over 250 species of turtles. The turtles that are known best are snapping turtles, painted turtles, box turtles, and sea turtles. Did you know that turtles shed their shells? It's true most turtles will shed pieces of their shell. Others mostly just knock peices of their shell by hitting a rock. The largest turtles are Leatherbacked sea turtles. Turtles are high sources of meat and iron. Frogs and Toads- Bull frogs are the largest frogs.
Leaf's Eye View

Never eat brightly coloured frogs, they are usually poisonous

You know when it is a bull frog because of its loud screech and its gulping. They love to go on the street at night because of the moisture in the air, and to hunt for bugs. That is why you find toad's flattened on the road sometimes.

Fish- Fish are high sources of protien. Always cook fish. Never eat fish with spikes on any part of thier body. They are most likely poisonous. Crabs and lobsters are good and nice tasting too.

Memoirs of the fishing trip.

A dead fish

Snakes- Snakes are good food and some are venomous. Venom is only poisonous if injected into the bloodstream. Snakes are easily killed by stamping on the head.

A boa constrictor and a cobra

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